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Maritime High School
615 S 200th St Des Moines, WA 98198

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School Promise Statement

Promise Statement

To provide every student with a safe and equitable learning environment so ALL learners are academically successful and prepared for life and work in the maritime field.

Student learning will center on the environment, marine science, and maritime careers working on or near the water. To do this, students will engage in integrated projects, learning across all high school content areas. 

Students will have time in the classroom, frequent field experiences and boat-based learning. In the 11th- and 12th-grade years, students will participate in internships to gain workforce skills and knowledge.  Students will engage in project-based learning, working with teachers, community partners and industry experts in hands-on experiences; an innovative transcript will demonstrate their learning across all academic subject areas.

By graduation, students will have skills to launch a Maritime career, and will also be ready to continue studying in a 2 or 4-year college. 

Regardless of a student’s life path, attendance in this school will increase their understanding of the natural world, increase their competency in practical skills, and offer them a greater awareness of the career opportunities of the sea and beyond.


Through project-based learning, Maritime High School students learn life skills that will help them achieve their dreams.

A Research-Driven Education Model

Through project-based learning, students at Maritime High School are prepared to be the collaborative problem-solvers of tomorrow. By ­working together to investigate and solve a series of increasingly complex and authentic questions, students actively acquire a deeper knowledge during their studies.

Students follow their interests to learn a trade, earn industry certifications, or pursue the post-secondary path of their choosing, leading to careers on vessels, in management, in ocean sciences, and across the wide range of careers in the maritime world. The school collaborates with community organizations, maritime professionals, and industry employers to address skill gaps, employer readiness, and system barriers that constrain young and diverse people.