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Maritime High School
615 S 200th St Des Moines, WA 98198

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9th-10th Grade Program

The 9th and 10th-grade program at Maritime High School offers students an immersive learning experience centered around the maritime industry, integrating cross-disciplinary projects that span traditional subject areas. This approach prepares students for future success by developing specific competencies demonstrated through presentations of learning, while fostering a deep understanding of maritime disciplines.

Program Features

Integrated Learning

Students engage in integrated cross-disciplinary projects that blend humanities and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). These projects cover traditional subject areas and also incorporate maritime industry knowledge, preparing students for a range of career paths.

  • Language Studies: Students can participate in a self-paced study during elective time to continue world language studies. 
  • Physical Education: PE can be accomplished through student-led electives on Fridays. For example, student-led electives have included running and self-defense. 

Field Work

Learning extends beyond the classroom, with students participating in field work two to four times each month. 

Collaborative Instruction

We have dedicated instructors for humanities, math and science. Instructors lead classes, supported by other staff and maritime-focused partners. 

Mentorship Opportunities and career-connected learning

Students benefit from mentorship, connecting with professionals and experts in the maritime field. These relationships provide insights and guidance, enhancing the educational experience.

Career Connected Learning shows students the application behind the content. It helps students to know what career options are available to them, how to get there, and how to be prepared for a career they are excited about after graduation. We expose students to a wide range of career paths in the maritime industry. Our goal is to prepare them for employment by showing them different job possibilities, linking them with mentors, and opening doors to opportunities.

Presentations of learning

Students' mastery of specific competencies is showcased through presentations of learning, which are documented on the mastery transcript. This method of assessment highlights the application of knowledge and skills in real-world contexts.

New in 2024-2025

  • Enhanced Math Integration: The upcoming school year will see a strengthened integration of math standards across cross-disciplinary units, ensuring that students receive a solid foundation in mathematics within the context of their maritime studies.
  • Adjusted Field Experience: As Maritime High School grows, the overall number of field experiences per student may be adjusted. This change aims to maintain the quality and impact of each outing, ensuring valuable learning experiences within the school’s capacity.